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Auto Accidents | Personal Injury

Auto accidents may be frightening and traumatic.  Accident injury victims are usually left frustrated and inconvenienced.  In some cases, victims are hospitalized and have to undergo extensive medical treatment including surgery. Such medical treatments often result in injury victims having to miss work for prolonged periods of time in addition to paying expensive medical bills and dealing with emotionless insurance adjusters.

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auto accidents, Ordaz Law, APC

Auto Accidents | To Do List

Call the Police

Unlike you, auto insurance company adjuster deal with hundreds if not thousands of auto accidents on a yearly basis. If you do not call the police to report you crash, their first defense is to say that the accident never happened or to say that the crash did not occur the way you claim.  Calling the police will serve as a public record which will help you establish that an accident did in fact occur.  It will be your immediate opportunity to report how and why the crash occurred (or at least show your willingness to report an incident for which you were not at fault).

Receive Medical Treatment After a Car Accident

An insurance company’s second defense is to say that you are not hurt or to say that you are not as badly hurt as you claim.  If you are not taken by the ambulance from the scene of the crash, you should seek medical treatment as soon as possible. You can receive medical attention at an urgent care facility or emergency room. You should also make an appointment to see your primary care physician as soon as possible.

Keep a Detailed Account of Your Pain and Suffering

Keep a detailed account of your continued pain and suffering.  Note how often you experience pain and what you do to relieve it. In addition, keep a detailed account of the loss of enjoyment of life you incur because of your injuries.

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auto accidents, Ordaz Law, APC

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Juan J. Ordaz Jr. provides candid, hardworking and personal legal representation to individuals seeking a personal injury lawyer in San Diego County.  We help victims suffering from a variety of injuries, who have sustained their injuries through different types of auto accidents.  We believe that it is a necessity to represent people who have sustained traumatic and debilitating injuries, and suffered ultimate losses.

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