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Slip and Fall | Commercial Store Owners and Operators

Commercial property owners and operators have a duty to keep their property free from hazardous and dangerous conditions. They have a duty to warn their customers of any known or knowable dangers existing on their property.

Commercial properties include:

  • Office Buildings;
  • Department and Grocery Stores;
  • Restaurants;
  • Public Transportation Stops (i.e. bus and trolley stops);
  • Public Parking Lots;
  • Government Facilities; and
  • Schools.

Slip and Fall | Liability

The elements of slip and fall liability against a commercial store owner or operator are well established.  For a commercial property owner to be legally responsible for the injuries you suffered from slipping and falling on their property, one of the following must be true:

  • The owner of the premises or an employee must have known of the dangerous (i.e. slippery) surface but done nothing about it;
  • The owner of the premises or an employee should have known of the dangerous surface existing on their property through the use of reasonable inspection;  or
  • The owner of the premises or an employee should have warned of the dangerous surface existing on their property but failed to do so.

The second scenario above is the most common but while property owners have certain duties to those on their premises, it is important to remember that a property owner may not always be at fault.

Slip and Fall | Contested Liability

If, for example, you fell down stairs, an experienced attorney might ask these questions.

Q: How did you fall down the stairs?

Q: Which foot missed the stairs?

Q: What type of shoes were you wearing?

Q: Were you holding onto the handrail?

Q: Were you on your cell phone?

Q: Were you carrying something?

Further analysis will address the possible reasons you fell.  Did you miss a step?  Did you slip on something that was on the stairs?  Did you trip over your coat or dress?  Did you lose your balance? Not all of these reasons for your fall are the property owner’s fault.

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Slip and Fall | Personal Injury

Ordaz Law, APC | Slip and Fall Attorney

Juan J. Ordaz Jr. provides candid, hardworking and personal legal representation to individuals seeking a slip and fall attorney in San Diego County.  We help victims suffering from a variety of injuries, who have sustained their injuries through different types of premises liability producing events such as the following:

We believe that it is a necessity to represent people who have sustained traumatic and debilitating injuries, and suffered ultimate losses.

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