Loss of Limb | Personal Injury

Ordaz Law, APC, is the law office of loss of limb, personal injury lawyer Juan J. Ordaz Jr.  Known throughout the legal community for his dedication and perseverance, Juan J. Ordaz Jr. prides himself on the devotion he dedicates towards the representation of his clients’ injury cases. He is a personal injury lawyer focused on excellence and client satisfaction.

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Loss of Limb | Personal Injury

At trial or in a demand to settle, amputation victims may seek compensation for the following:

  • Past and Future Loss of Enjoyment of Life;
  • Past and Future Pain, Suffering and Mental Distress;
  • Past and Future Medical Expenses, and;
  • Past and Future Lost Wages / Lost Earnings Capacity.

Loss of Limb | Loss of Enjoyment of Life

A healthy motor and sensory system is is essential for the enjoyment of every day life.  Essential functions such as walking, eating, using the restroom, and having sex are diminished or prevented when a person suffers an amputation.

Loss of Limb | Severe Emotional Distress

An emotional distress claim includes suffering, anguish, fright, horror, nervousness, grief, anxiety, worry, shock, humiliation, and shame.  Severe emotional distress is not mild or brief; it must be so substantial or long lasting that no reasonable person in our civilized society should be expected to bear it.

loss of limb, Ordaz Law, APC

Ordaz Law, APC | Loss of Limb

Juan J. Ordaz Jr. provides candid, hardworking and personal legal representation to individuals seeking a loss of limb, personal injury lawyer in San Diego County. We help victims suffering from loss of limb injuries which they have suffered in a variety of injury producing incidents.  We believe that it is a necessity to represent people who have sustained these traumatic and debilitating injuries.

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loss of limb, Ordaz Law, APC

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