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pavement edge drop-off, Ordaz Law, APC

pavement edge drop-off | Definition

Edge drops are vertical discontinuances between the road surface and the shoulder. If the drop is high enough (2-inches or greater) it may create a problem for drivers who attempt to steer back over the drop and onto the road.

pavement edge drop-off | Liability

Steering over a pavement edge drop-off may lead to an unexpected, sudden change in direction of the vehicle climbing back onto the road surface. The problem is maximized because a car’s wheels hang up (scrub) along the face of the drop. When a driver gets hung up, their natural reaction is to provide more steer input.

pavement edge drop-off | Location

pavement edge drop-offs may commonly be found in the following areas of the road;

  • horizontal curves;
  • turnouts;
  • shaded areas;
  • eroded areas; and
  • asphalt pavement overlays.

pavement edge drop-off, Ordaz Law, APC

pavement edge drop-off, Ordaz Law, APC

Ordaz Law, APC | pavement edge drop-off

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pavement edge drop-off, Ordaz Law, APC

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