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Pavement Edge Drop Off | Personal Injury

pavement edge drop off poses a considerable hazard to every driver who attempts to climb back up onto the road surface.

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pavement edge drop off, Ordaz Law, APC

Pavement Edge Drop Off | Definition

A drop off exists when there is a difference in heights between the road surface and the adjacent shoulder.  When the edge is 2-inches or above, the drop off creates a dangerous problem for a driver who attempts to steer back onto the road.

Pavement Edge Drop Off | Location

Drop offs are commonly found in:

  • horizontal curves;
  • turnouts;
  • shaded ares;
  • eroded areas; and
  • asphalt pavement overlays.
pavement edge drop off, Ordaz Law, APC

Pavement Edge Drop Off | Liability

Drop offs are hazardous because of their potential for causing serious control problems for the driver; drop offs may lead to an unexpectedly, sudden change of direction on the part of the vehicle that may prove difficult to control.

Pavement Edge Drop Off | Nature of the Problem

When a vehicle strays from the road surface onto the shoulder the normal reaction of the driver is to attempt to return promptly to the road surface. The urgency the driver feels to return to the road may be increased of the shoulder surface is not smooth.

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pavement edge drop off, Ordaz Law, APC

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