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Online Social Networks | Personal Injury

Be aware that insurance companies and defense lawyers can and will access your online social networks including but not limited to Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter and Google+.

Continue to read and learn more about online social networks and your personal injury claim and lawsuit.

About Ordaz Law, APC – A San Diego Personal Injury Attorney, and his Distinguished Case Results.

We have recovered millions on behalf of accident injury victims.

Online Social Networks, Ordaz Law, APC

Online Social Networks | Notice

In order to prevent your posting on online social networks from impacting your personal injury case, do not post anything about your claim or lawsuit.

DO NOT POST | Online Social Networks

Do not post:

  • A description of the incident;
  • Descriptions of your property / car damage;
  • Photos of the incident, vehicles or injuries;
  • Descriptions of any medical treatment;
  • Updates on your injury;
  • Updates on you physical condition;
  • Descriptions of how your feel; or
  • Comments or descriptions regarding your case or any litigation.

Online Social Networks, Ordaz Law, APC

Ordaz Law, APC | Online Social Networks

Juan J. Ordaz Jr. provides candid, hardworking and personal legal representation to individuals seeking a personal injury lawyer in San Diego County.   We help victims suffering from a variety of injuries, who have sustained their injuries through different types of injury producing events. We believe that it is a necessity to represent people who have sustained traumatic and debilitating injuries, and suffered ultimate lossesCall (619) 550-3617 today so that we may schedule your free and discreet consultation with a premier San Diego personal injury lawyer.

We are for Justice no Matter Who it’s for or Against.

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