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Common Car Accidents | Personal Injury

Car accidents occur daily throughout San Diego County.  Some car accidents are more common and dangerous than others. Knowing about the type of car accidents that occur may help you avoid them.

Continue to read and learn more about the 5-most common car accidents in San Diego.

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car accidents, Ordaz Law, APC

Car Accidents | 5-Most Common

Rear-End Collisions:  The most common type of car accidents in San Diego are rear-end collisions. A rear-end collision results when one car collides into the back of another car in front of it. The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration reports that rear-end collisions account for 29% of all accidents.

The National Transportation Safety Board has reported that over 1.7 million rear-end collisions occur on U.S. roadways each year. Collision avoidance systems could prevent some of these accidents from occurring.

“Research shows that front-crash prevention systems, particularly those that can brake automatically, are significantly reducing front-into-rear crashes,” said Russ Rader of the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.

Rear-end collisions commonly occur when drivers are distracted by mobile devices. For example, drivers who talk on their phone or text while driving are more likely to cause a rear-collision. Contact my law office for a consultation if you have been rear-ended by a driver.

Hitting a Parked Car:  A car accident can also occur when a car is parked. This often occurs when vehicles park too close to one another. If a driver has a hard time getting into a spot, it will be hard for the driver to get out. Most parked car accidents occur on steep slopes. Some drivers fail to turn the wheel in the proper direction causing their car to crash into a parked car. If your car was damaged while parked, you can file an insurance claim against the other driver for damage to your property.

Hydroplaning:  Occurs when a layer of water builds between the wheels of a vehicle and the road surface. This leads to the loss of traction that prevents a vehicle from responding to control inputs. A driver can hydroplane and easily lose control of his/her vehicle. Hydroplaning accidents commonly occur during San Diego’s El Nino season.

Merging Traffic:  Merging with oncoming traffic exposes drivers to car accidents.  Sideswiping accidents usually occur when a person gets over without checking his/her blind spot. If you are injured in this type of accident, it may be hard to prove who is at-fault. Contact my law office to discuss being in a sideswipe car accident in confidence.

Act of Nature:  Last but not least, an act of nature can result in a car accident. Your car can be damaged by a falling tree or rock. It may be challenging filing an insurance claim for a car accident caused by an act of nature. You should definitely consult with an attorney prior to doing so.

car accidents, Ordaz Law, APC

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