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Vicarious Liability | Personal Injury

A business (company, corporation, etc.) and or a government may be held responsible for the harm (injury or death) caused by the wrongful conduct of its employees (agents, partnerships, etc.) while acting within the scope of their employment (authority, agency, etc.). This is called vicarious liability.

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vicarious liability, Ordaz Law, APC

Vicarious Liability | Employer Liability

Under the theory of respondeat superior, an employer is vicariously liable for an employee’s careless and wrongful acts committed within the scope of their employment.

Example Scenario 1: Howard is an employee of Pizza Shack. He is driving on a delivery when he runs a red light severely injuring Marissa. Marissa can make an injury claim against Pizza Shack for her pain, suffering, lost wages and future medical bills.

Vicarious Liability | Government Liability

Through vicarious liability a public entity is liable for injury caused by an act or omission of an employee of the public entity within the scope of his employment. Vicarious liability is a primary basis for liability on the part of a public entity, and flows from the responsibility that a public agency has for the acts of its employees under the principle of respondeat superior.

Vicarious Liability | Respondeat Superior

The rule of respondeat superior is familiar and simply stated: an employer is vicariously liable for the torts of its employees committed within the scope of the employment.

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